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Dr David Goiz certified courses

Biomagnetism was introduced to me by my uncle who has a severe lung disease and on an oxygen machine through out the day. He was receiving treatments with a biomagnetism Dr Goiz practitioner. When I saw his results in not depending so much on his oxygen machine, it impressed me so much I was curious. Prior my family and I visiting my uncle I had tendonitis in my left shoulder and couldn’t raise my arm up. So I went to see the practitioner and she scanned me and different points came about including my tendonitis. Once I was done with my first treatment I was able to move my arm up which I couldn’t do before. I was sold at this point and so amazed on the relief I felt! Thats when I started asking the practitioner where can I learn this I'm living to the US, and she referred me to Dr. David Goiz website and here I am a Biomagnetism Practitioner. I truly recommend Dr. David Goiz courses as they are very informative, excellent and direct communication with the Dr. David Goiz himself. The courses goes at a steady pace where we can ask questions and be interactive with fellow BMP and Dr. David Goiz. Im looking forward to Level 2 in the next couple of weeks. We should never underestimate the power of Knowledge, because Knowledge is POWER!

Yajaira Avellan, Tampa, Florida


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David's obvious love and dedication to Biomagnetism Dr Goiz courses and his father came through in his teaching. Clear instruction coupled with a gentle, encouraging approach to sharing knowledge made learning very easy and enjoyable
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David is very professional yet personable, receptive to all class questions, came across as awe inspiring based on his experience, research knowledge and practise skills. Impressive course and material content for all learning skills and he did extremely well lecturing in a second language

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David is such an encouraging and inspiring teacher. Always patient and he consistently made sure all students understood before continuing with each topic covered. He has a very calm energy and nature that helps students feel comfortable and learn easily. His passion for and knowledge of  Biomagnetism Dr Goiz techniaue  is always evident

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