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Introducing the Dr David Goiz Bioenergetics Minibook, a comprehensive guide to understanding the principles and techniques of Goiz bioenergetics. Written by the renowned expert Dr. David Goiz, this book offers a detailed exploration of the field, covering topics such as the bioenergetic field, energy imbalance, and the use of bioenergetic therapies for healing.


Whether you are new to Goiz bioenergetics or a seasoned Biomagnetism practitioner, this minibook will provide you with valuable insights and practical applications for integrating bioenergetic principles into your practice.


With clear explanations and illustrated examples, Dr. David Goiz has created an essential resource for anyone interested in bioenergetics and its potential for holistic healing. Don't miss out on the opportunity to learn from a leading authority in the field with the Dr David Goiz Bioenergetics Minibook.

Dr David Goiz - Bioenergetics minibook

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