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The Dr David Goiz - Anatomy of the Biomagnetic pair is an in-depth digital book that explores the anatomy and physiology of the biomagnetic pair discovered by Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán. This comprehensive guide provides detailed information on the specific points on the body that make up the biomagnetic pair, as well as their related functions and connections to various health conditions. With clear and detailed illustrations, this book offers a comprehensive understanding of the biomagnetic pair and its significance in the practice of biomagnetic therapy. Whether you are a healthcare practitioner or simply interested in learning more about biomagnetic therapy, this digital book is a valuable resource for expanding your knowledge of this alternative healing modality. With the expertise and insights of Dr. David Goiz, readers can gain a deeper understanding of the anatomical foundations that underpin the effectiveness of biomagnetic therapy.

Dr David Goiz - Anatomy of the Biomagnetic pair

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